Trump Hands

The Problem

Since May 2015, reality TV star and billionaire landlord Donald Trump has been running for president of the United States under a dark shroud of secrecy.

Trump has been clear about many things: his distaste for Muslims, Mexicans, and opinionated women; his magical negotiating skills; his many positions on abortion; and his Jesus-level IQ. But he's hiding one important thing: his hand size.

For decades, Donald Trump has claimed to have "normal hands," despite thousands of experts describing his fingers as "extraordinarily tiny," "pathetically weak," and "disgusting."

America cannot risk having a president with teeny tiny baby hands. Our commander-in-chief cannot have brittle hands that would be crushed by a simple handshake.

With our national security at risk, Donald Trump must release his official hand measurements to the American people. Only when his finger length and palm girth are public can the American people confidently cast their ballots.